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High Quality & durable Acrylic KeyRing Used For:
Keys & Handbags, Laptop bags, Photographers equipment, Travel bags

Ways of using Safe Code key chains

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Safe Code products are QR-code stickers and medallion keychains that you can stick to all-important items so your contact info can be pulled up by someone who found your lost items when they scan the QR code. Or they can call our Safe Code hotline and we will help them.

When you attach Safe Code to all your important items, you can be easily reached through your contact information listed on your Safe Code if your items got lost.

  • Go to Getsafecode.com
  • Create an account
  • Buy the Safe Code you need.
  • Once you've received your order call Safe Code customer support to have your Safe Code activated.
  • Then you can list your contact info and or your instructions on. 

When your belongings are found, scan your QR code to pull up your contact info/instructions that will help people quickly and easily reach out to you to return your lost items and will have saved yourself time, effort and money.